Printer Repair Consulting
Wednesday, 19.02.2020, 04:00
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" Printer Repair Consulting - your remote assistant.

You can repair the printer itself with our help.
That you should know for this purpose:
  • Laser printers technology;
  • Inkjet printers technology;
  • Printer self diagnostic codes;
  • Service mode;
  • Troubleshoting procedures;
  • Disassemble and reassemble procedures;
  • Parts numbers;
  • Replacement spare parts procedures;
Our experts have long-term experience repair of printers. We can answer your questions.
Your question should include information about printer:
  • Manufacturer;
  • Model;
  • Problem (Error code, light indication e.t.c.);

Our experts answer your question a soon as possible. 

If you have received the answer which has helped you, donate for our experts, please.

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